Ways to Apply God’s Wisdom in Everyday Life

The words of God are so powerful that they can bring meaning to one’s life. It is so powerful that it is enough to guide a person in their life. Reading God’s words can benefit one so much in so many different ways. God has blessed His people with the Bible to establish enlightenment. Thus, Christians, are expected to obey these. Once they do, they will find peace and serenity in their lives. That is why you, reading this should consider taking more measures to apply God’s wisdom to your everyday life. This blog is going to provide you with ways on how you can do it.

God’s teachings will help you make the right decisions in your life, which will influence the way you live. It will also influence your relationship with other people and with yourself. If you want to achieve a mentally and spiritually healthy life, you might want to live by His words. This journey can be very challenging. However, the result of it is something that you want to have for the rest of your life. This journey will take time, it will be longer than you think it is. The most important part of it is that you are genuinely enjoying the process. As you go through it, you need to understand that you need not be focused on the end goal, focus on the present. After all these, you will see how beautiful it is to be living the moment. If you are sticking to His wisdom, you will carry this out the most successful way possible. Be receptive and open-minded to learning from Him every day, and you will surely live the best life you can live.

Below are some of the tips on how you can incorporate every teaching that God wants you to live by:

Listen to what your heart is telling you.

Have you found your purpose in life? If you haven’t then it will be easier to search for it with Him. As mentioned, God has given us a wealth of knowledge through the Bible. These can help you point to the direction of your purpose. If you read on it and understand it more deeply, you can surely see life from a different perspective. You will listen to what your heart is telling you. You will know the right thing to do.

Devote yourself to Him.

By having a great connection with God, you will feel empowered in everything you do. You know why? It is because you are confident that God is with you. Talk to God with all your heart. Like any other relationship, communicating with God is key. Know that he is always there to listen and provide you with the guidance you need. If you are giving each area of your life to God, then He will bless it and be able to work through it abundantly. One effective way is to read books that can nourish your relationship with God. Come Climb Toward God is a book of steps of growth as a Christian by Marianna Albritton. This is ideal for people who seek to bond with God on a much deeper level.

Try to be the best version of yourself.

If you feel like you are not at your best, you tend to look for something that you don’t have that others have. When we compare ourselves to others, we’re often comparing their best features against our average ones. It’s like being right-handed and trying to play an instrument with your left hand. Not only do we naturally want to be better than them, the unconscious realization that we will not often become self-destructive. This is one of the struggles when one does not hear God’s wisdom. You will not be able to feel contentment. You will only feel hate towards yourself.

Overall, you can never underestimate the power of God’s words. It will serve as something that will empower yourself all throughout the years. Hopefully, you have gotten something out of this blog. May your journey to having a better life with God go smoothly.


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