The Characteristics of a True Christian

Developing a deeper and stronger relationship with God is the key to living a life full of happiness and significance. Indeed, it is only in God that you can find the real meaning and essence of life. Marianna Albritton focuses on this important topic in her book Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God. This book contains a fruitful discussion on how to develop a deeper relationship with God by Albritton. One of the central points in such discussion is that, in order to be genuinely and profoundly connected with God, you must grow in your Christian faith. You must constantly improve as a Christian and develop the ultimate characteristics of a true Christian. This article briefly explains the most fundamental of these Christian qualities below.


True Christians know how to obey the commandments and instructions of God. They do not question the authority of God because they believe that it is Him who knows what is best for everyone. God laid down His commandments and instructions for humans to follow and obey. These commandments and instructions have been created in order to make sure that people live their lives in accordance to the ultimate plan of God. If you want to develop a deep relationship with God, you must learn to obey the things He has commanded and instructed you.


True Christians do not harbor pride but humility rather. They do not brag about their achievements and possessions because they know that they would not have all of these things without God. They give glory to Him for everything that they have achieved and possessed in life, may it be personal achievement, societal achievement, material possession, and so on. For these genuine Christians, humility is the key to gaining more significant successes in life. If you want to experience the glory of God and live a successful life, you must learn to humble yourself all the time.


True Christians know how to give and share wholeheartedly. They do not bask in greed and selfishness. They are always willing to extend a helping hand and share what they have with other people, especially those who are in need. These Christians know the importance of generosity. They know that being generous is the way to living a life full of blessings and happiness. So, if you want to live an abundant life with God, you must get rid of your greedy and selfish interests. Instead, cultivate a heart that is always willing to help and share with others.


True Christians possess love and are considerate toward other people. They always express their affection and concern for others in many different ways. For these Christians, love and kindness should be the ones that make the world go round. All humans – regardless of race, gender, and religion – should love and treat one another with kindness just as God Himself loves and cares for each and everyone. If you want to have a deep and genuine connection with God, you learn to manifest lovingkindness all the time. Follow what God Himself has instructed you, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”


True Christians are dedicated to their faithful service. They do not falter in their faith because they believe in the sincerity and superiority of God’s promises. To be clear, these Christians are not impeccable. Sometimes, they succumb to the temptations of sin. However, what separates these true Christians from ordinary sinners is that they know how to repent, get back up, and continue walking by faith. If you want to live a significant and fulfilling life, dedicate yourself to serving God incessantly. Develop a strong faith in Him that can withstand any challenge or failure you might face.

In summary, if you want to establish a more genuine and profound connection with God, you must first cultivate and possess the characteristics of a true Christian. You should be obedient, humble, generous, loving, kind, and dedicated. As emphasized here and in the discussion on how to develop a deeper relationship with God by Albritton, establishing a deep and strong connection with God does not require so much from you. In essence, it only requires you to be constantly faithful to God and to be the kind of a Christian who serves as a blessing to numerous other people.

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