Solid Reasons Why You  Should Follow God’s Word

Studying the Bible should be one of the habits of Christians. If you ask why you could find millions of reasons. If you have read Matthew 7:21-23, it will tell you that many people might think that they know God in a saving way, but they will never really know until they really know Him by reading his words. Well, this is one reason. Probably one of the major and critical reasons. How about you? Have you been reading the Bible? If no, it is never too late to start. This article will inspire or give you motivation to take action of doing it. If you want to achieve this, then you should read through the information below.

The Bible will do so many good things to you as a Christian. If you are an avid reader, you should already know that. If you want to take your  journey of  The list of points below are more reasons why you should read the bible and what you get out of it:

Be Closer to God

You begin to get to know God’s nature, once you start reading the Bible whole-heartedly. You will know Him in a different way, a more personal way, you get to know His characters and attributes. As you do that, you will also witness His unfailing love towards humanity. As time goes by, you can trust Him with all your heart. When you trust God, you trust that he knows best about every situation you are in. This is also the factor that is emphasized throughout the Bible. A book called Come Climb Toward God: Are you hungry for God by Marianna Albritton will give you more context in regards to this. 

Better Spiritual Health

Every person in this world has the same goals in life. It is to be healthy both mentally and spiritually. The secret to achieving this is to work on your spiritual being first. This is because your spiritual health affects your overall health, mental and physical. Through reading the Bible, you can achieve this. But how does it help in bringing out spiritual growth? From the first verses to the last ones, the scriptures’ pages show the face of God. This allows Christians to become more like Him. When they become more like Him, it helps renew the mind to think and understand life from God’s perspectives. Thus, you need to know His words to help you grow, flourish, and follow His actions.

Make Trust Stronger

The Bible plays a vital role in making it possible.  You begin to see things from His perspective when you develop a meaningful relationship with God. It is a kind of relationship that, through continuous communication and faith, it grows stronger. God genuinely directs your development as a soul and how you navigate your way through this life as he steers your path. And, as Psalm 119:105 mentions, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” It means the Bible will guide you to where you should go. 

Know The Meaning of Life

The Word of God will help you believe that God has a plan for humankind, and He also has laid all His plans for you. Knowing this purpose will help you be more contented in life. It will serve as something that allows you to find and do the things that will give meaning to your life. It will also increase your faith.

Gets Life Together

This last point sums up all of, from having a great relationship with God to finding one’s purpose, you are sure to get all of it from reading the Bible. If you are feeling like your life is a little out of the ordinary, and that you are not as contented as how you should be. You should make sure that you do something about it. Help yourself be on the right path read the word of God. 

To conclude, The Word of God will help Christians in so many ways. It provides instructions on what God wants His people to do. Thus, if you have not started your journey in knowing Him yet, you should start now. Hopefully, this article has helped you in some ways. 

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