Reasons Why God is the Greatest

God is great – He is the best comforter, provider, and forgiver to all of us. God is greater than any person who we could consider to be great. No one, not even kings or emperors, can top the greatness of God who created all things, including mankind.

Sometimes, however, not everyone recognizes or realizes God’s greatness. Some people refuse to acknowledge the existence of God, so they choose to turn a blind eye to the good things that God has done and provided for them. Despite this, God never closes His door on people. He remains open for everyone who wishes to build a close relationship with Him. For this reason, it is important that we, as humans, also do our part in reaching out to God.

We must constantly seek to develop and strengthen our relationship with God. Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God by Marianna Albritton is an inspiring and invigorating book that can help us in doing this. It is especially written for those people who have a hunger to develop a great relationship with God. Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God ultimately teaches us how to respond to and understand His callings.

To convince you further to leave your sinful ways and come climb toward God, below are the main reasons why God is the greatest, and why you should therefore aim to establish a strong connection with Him.

God never leaves our side

We face a lot of problems and crises in life. Some are self-imposed, while others are out of our control. Health concerns, family issues, job insecurity, broken relationships, failure – all of these things can sometimes make us feel so beaten up, miserable, and alone. However, this is certainly never true. God Himself is always there for us, even on our darkest days. God never leaves our side, no matter how difficult things get. Even if the entire world already turns its back on us, God is still going to be present in our lives. He walks with us through every crisis that we encounter, and His doors remain open for us every time we seek refuge in Him.

God answers our prayers at the right time

God is not only a great comforter, but also a provider. He provides us with everything that we need to strengthen our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual character. God listens to all of our prayers, even during those times when we cannot even put them into words. He knows everything that we want and need before we can even make sense of them. God responds to these prayers not at the time that we expect, but at the time that He deems necessary. God’s timing is always perfect. We may not get what we asked for immediately, but this does not mean that God does not listen. God always hears us, and He knows what is best for us.

God forgives us no matter what

The forgiveness of God is powerful and unlimited. No matter how many times you fall into the trap of sin, God is still going to be there to rescue you, as long as you call on His name. Indeed, God is an ever loving and ever forgiving god. Despite all of our mistakes and shortcomings, God never closes His doors on us. There is no sin strong enough to keep us away from God and break His unconditional love for us. As a manifestation of His great love for us, He even gave his only begotten son to save us from all of our sins.

In the end, no one can deny that God is indeed the greatest of all. The greatness of God manifests itself in many different ways. Even if the entire world turns its back on us, God is still going to be by our side. Even when we cannot find the words to say our prayers, God continues to listen and grant them. Despite all of our mistakes and shortcomings, we can still receive the forgiveness and salvation of God if we only sincerely ask for them. Indeed, no one in the world can do all of these other than God. So, if you wish to experience a love that is kind, forgiving, and unconditional, start building a strong relationship with Him. If you are hungry for God, then, without any hesitations, come climb toward God now.

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