How to Mentor Young Disciples of God

Jesus Christ is perfect. He came to earth and dwelt among us. He willingly died for our sins because He wants us to know His and God’s undying love. Throughout His life, He spread the Word and Love of God to us, human beings. He taught us about God and that those who worship God in spirit and truth will never be in want or need again. His teachings led to molding plenty of disciples. These disciples followed Him anywhere and listened to all of His teachings. Jesus’ disciples are given a mission to preach the gospel and heal the sick in the name of God. 

It has been centuries since Jesus ascended to heaven. However, this does not mean that proclaiming His words must also end. Discipleship is very much alive. Many Christian believers are passing down their discipleship to the younger generations for this undertaking to continue. Thus, are you ready to begin mentoring the younger generation to become the next disciples of God? Taking the role of a mentor means taking an influential and important role in the other person’s life. 

You can find people who need mentoring at every stage of life, but the youth are the best to mentor as this is a formative time of life. They will need someone to walk beside them who can become a powerful foundation for their future. Marianna Albritton, author of Come Climb Toward God, has been teaching and speaking to the youth at her local Sunday School Class. The youth are taught about Christianity and the steps of growth as a Christian by Marianna Albritton. It’s safe to say that this amazing woman has formed many young disciples of God. Even if you don’t have decades of experience and wisdom, you can still point others to the path of God. Today, this article will help potential mentors like yourself catch the vision of mentoring. Below are some tips for you to begin your mentoring journey. 

Share the Same Commitment

When you want to share your wisdom with the youth, make sure you are on the same page. Meaning start your discipleship relationship by understanding whether this is the aim of the younger person. Mentoring means you are sharing your knowledge with the person smoothly and not shoving it on his way just so that he becomes a disciple. Clearly outline what it means to become a disciple of Jesus. Allow them to decide for themselves if discipleship is the path they truly want to pursue. You can talk about your journey and your ministry to help the young one understand what it means. 

Have Challenging Conversations

Conversations press Jesus into the forefront of our heads and hearts. God is calling you to come close and learn from Jesus Christ. A primary indicator that you have become a disciple is when your passion shifts from worldly desires to Jesus. However, this will be achieved only when you explore the depths of your heart and mind. As a mentor, you should know this. In order to hit their heart and mind, for the young disciple to mature. It’s difficult for them if it’s beyond their blind spot. You have to bring their attention to these blind spots through conversations. Those that really go the distance in growth are not afraid of receiving constructive criticism. These conversations are extremely challenging for the mentor and the disciple. Make them understand that being told helps them become a better person, a disciple of Jesus, and avoid speed bumps during their discipleship journey. 

Learn to Listen

When you’re diving into the youth’s life, it’s essential to learn to listen as it is to ask questions and identify blind spots. You, as a mentor, must understand who they are as a person by listening attentively. Through understanding them, you’ll be able to help them achieve something that they felt they lack or hope to achieve by becoming a disciple. One way to make you a lousy mentor is to sit down and have a one-way conversation. Yes, you have specific items in mind you want to communicate, but communication is not communication when it’s a one-way street. Discipleship is more than just a weekly appointment and Bible study. You have to build a relationship even outside the discipleship setting. 

Do Ministry Together

Jesus asks the disciples to preach the gospel, send His love, and bring more people closer to God. As you mentor the next generation disciple, teach them the real-world application of their discipleship. Train them how to have a ministry that involves more than just reaching out to people who don’t know Christ. Doing ministry means actively sharing your faith with others. It can be through talking about Jesus over dinner or over a cup of coffee. Moreover, show your disciple how Jesus minister people, spoke to the masses, healed, and taught many people. Through this modeling, you’ll be able to show your disciple that discipleship is more than stepping out in faith but also bringing another person along with you. 

There are plenty of ways you can mentor the next generation disciple. You can mix-up some techniques you’ve learned and techniques of your own to effectively mentor the youth. Their is no wrong and right when it comes to spreading the Word of God.

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