How to Deepen Your Relationship with God?

One of the most important steps toward great spiritual growth is to have a deepened relationship with God. It is one thing to have built a relationship with Him, but deepening it is another. To have a deeper relationship with God means to be able to see Him beyond His omnipotence. God is almighty and powerful, but other than that, He is someone who understands and walks with His people. Besides being the creator of all things, God is a comforter, provider, and forgiver.

Deepening your relationship with God is a journey. It takes some time, effort, and dedication to be able to have a deep relationship with Him. Sometimes, along the way, you may encounter some challenges and setbacks that can distract and hinder you from achieving your purpose. Even so, you must not give up on climbing closer to God, just as God never gives up on reaching out to you no matter what.

There many ways to deepen your relationship with God. Some are simple, while others require utmost commitment. Marianna Albritton, a Christian author from Mississippi, enumerates some of these ways in her book Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God. This book is especially dedicated to those who are hungry for God and who long for a stronger connection with Him. The steps on how to develop a deeper relationship with God by Albritton ultimately teaches people that the journey essentially begins with having a heart that is willing to listen and respond to His calling.

To help you climb closer to God, here are some of the basic steps on how to deepen your relationship with Him:

Get to know God better

Usually, when people talk about God, they only talk about Him as the creator of both heaven and earth. However, as mentioned, to have a deeper relationship with God, you need to recognize Him beyond His omnipotence. Above all else, God is a loving father. He comforts you even on your darkest days; He provides all your needs even without you asking; and He forgives you despite all of your mistakes and shortcomings. These things are how you ought to know God – as a comforter, provider, and forgiver. God reveals these aspects of Himself to people through the Bible. Therefore, to be able to get to know Him better, commit yourself to reading and understanding the lessons of the Bible more.

Constantly spend time with God

Just like in any other relationship, you can only become closer to a person if you spend more quality time with him or her. The same thing goes for your relationship with God. To strengthen your connection with God, you need to spend time with Him constantly. This does not necessarily mean that you need to go to church every day (although this is one way to improve your spirituality). Praying often and always is already enough to delight God. Always taking some time of your day to talk to God about anything that you think and feel can already greatly help you deepen your relationship with Him.

Always be grateful to God

God is a great provider. He provides you with all the things that you need even when you have not asked Him. He answers all of your prayers at the right time even when you cannot even find the words to say them. Indeed, God always showers His people with nothing but blessings. This generosity of God deserves your utmost gratitude in return. To be able to be closer to God, you need to live with gratitude. Always be grateful to Him for everything, even for the most mundane things like the blue sky that you look up to or the breeze of the wind that cools you on warm days. No matter how small or big your blessings are, always have the heart to thank God.

Own up to your mistakes and shortcomings

Not owning up to your mistakes and shortcomings is a sign of pride – and pride hinders you from becoming closer to God. As a human being, you are vulnerable to committing sins. There is a lot of temptations in the world that can lure you into the pit of evil. Nonetheless, your vulnerability is not an excuse for you to turn a blind eye to the wrongs that you have done. A good Christian recognizes that he or she is imperfect, and knows how to apologize for the mistakes and shortcomings that stem from such imperfection. To be a good Christian and develop a deeper relationship with God, you need to take responsibility for every sin that you commit. Learn how to apologize and repent.

Manifest the love of God by serving others

As a Christian, you are called to love those people around you even when it is not easy, in the same way that God loves you no matter what. Indeed, God’s love for His people is enormous. To be able to develop a deeper relationship with God, you need to share this unconditional love with others in the form of service. Service in the name of God means offering love and giving a helping to other people, especially to those who are needy. Service and charity are at the heart of Christianity. Having the ability to serve and help others only means that God has showered you with abundant blessings. When you choose to share such abundance of blessings with others, you are manifesting the love of God.

Indeed, deepening your relationship with God is a journey that begins with a willing heart. To strengthen your connection with Him, you need to commit yourself completely and dedicate your time and effort to living out your love for Him. Having a relationship with God is a lifetime commitment. It is not just something that you choose to have intermittently because you are seeking for temporary salvation. Strengthening your connection with God requires you to be sincere and consistent in your faith. Hopefully, the steps on how to develop a deeper relationship with God by Albritton as well as those mentioned in this article can help you in your spiritual growth.




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