4 Ways to Develop a Close Relationship with God

Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? by Marianna Albritton is a powerful guidebook that aims to help believers understand the steps of growth as a Christian. It helps them discover the right path toward God. Marianna Albritton particularly wrote the book for those who are hungry to know and respond to His callings. Her mission is to help them understand the callings, and develop a close relationship with the Creator.

How does one start growing closer to God? – this is a question that budding believers of faith commonly ask. To be clear, there is no specific answer to this question. Developing a relationship with God is a personal journey that varies from person to person. Nonetheless, there are several common measures that you can do to help you begin your own journey toward God. Here are some of the most important of them:

Read the Bible

God speaks through His Word. He has given us the opportunity to know what He wants and needs us to do through the Bible. So, if your goal is to develop a close relationship with God, then the first thing that you need to do is to learn about His Word.

Read the Bible. Understand everything that is written in it. You do not need to rush, however. If reading the entire thing over a year or so seems overwhelming, then you can digest the Bible in smaller portions – reading at least one chapter or book each week already suffices. Reading the Bible is a good way to begin your journey toward becoming closer to God. The Bible is a great tool to help you get started and stay focused on your mission. It does not only help you establish a strong relationship with the Creator, but it also allows you to hear His Word with spiritual clarity.

Pray everyday

Prayer is an important element of faith. It is the way in which we communicate with God, and allow Him to get to know us on a deeper level. When we pray, there is a need to open our hearts with honesty, sincerity, and repentance. This is because even before we speak, God already knows our thoughts, doubts, fears, and mistakes. He already knows what we seek for even before we find the right words to say it. In the words of Matthew 6:8, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.”

Praying is also an opportunity to spend some quiet time with God. Today, life has already become so busy. All of us have our routines. Our days are always occupied with too many things that we sometimes forget to take a break to contemplate and reflect. However, through praying, we are allowing ourselves to take that break. We are devoting our precious time to communicating with the only one who truly understands us. We are permitting ourselves to find peace amidst chaos. If you spend at least a few moments to pray each morning, then rest assured that your every day would become much harmonious, and you would become more attentive to the whispers of God.

Go to church regularly

Going to church on a regular basis helps us become closer not just with God, but also with our fellow believers. To be clear, you do not need to go to church to establish a relationship with God and be a good Christian. However, getting a dose of music, worship, and fellowship at least once a week is just what we often need to loosen up and re-gain our focus on God after a long tiring week or in preparation for the week ahead.

When you decide to attend the church, make sure that your heart is a hundred percent willing and open. Do not just go to church out of obligation. Develop a sincere desire to worship in the house of the Creator. By going to church, you are also encouraging others to walk closer to God.

Be a doer of the Word

This is the most important thing to do if you want to develop a close relationship with God – be a doer of the Word. This means following the commandments that God has set in the Bible, and living as an example of a true Christian. At first, this may sound difficult. But if we have already committed ourselves to reading the Bible, praying, and attending the church, then living out our faith gradually becomes easier and more natural.

To be clear, being a doer of the Word does not mean that we are no longer allowed to commit sins. We are only humans. We are never impeccable. Nonetheless, having the capacity and willingness to live out our faith and to do as God says makes us better equipped to handle challenges and confront temptations whenever they arise.  It makes us firmer, more sensible, and more deserving to have a close relationship with the ever-loving and ever-forgiving God.

A close relationship with God is possible for everyone. Regardless of your past circumstances and mistakes, there is always a chance for you to develop a relationship with the Creator. God does not look at sins. He only looks at your willingness to open your heart to Him. As almighty as He is, God listens to our pleas even when we choose not to air them. He feeds our hunger even when we oftentimes forget to gratify Him. Through simply developing a close relationship with God, we are already reciprocating the great things that He has given us. So, as Marianna Albritton has said, “Come! Climb Toward God.”

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