Ways to Grow as a Christian

Being a Christian is a continuous journey toward growth. Growing as a Christian essentially means growing in your relationship with God. It means growing in your faith, in your knowledge of God, and in your love for Him and for others. Growing as a Christian is a lifelong process that you must commit yourself into.

Marianna Albritton, an author who has spent most of her life studying the Bible and sharing the Word of God to others, explains this process of Christian growth in the most grounded and compelling way in her book Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? Here, Marianna Albritton particularly discusses how you, as a Christian, can grow in your relationship with God by understanding and responding to His callings first. The steps of growth as a Christian by Marianna Albritton ultimately show that this lifelong process of Christian growth can be taken in small but significant steps.

Inspired by the reflections of Marianna Albritton, this article aims to help you in your journey toward Christian growth by listing down below some of the simple but best ways to grow as a Christian.

Have a thorough study of the Bible

Growing as a Christian means expanding and increasing your knowledge of God. Of course, there is no greater source of such knowledge than the Bible itself. The Bible contains the word of God. Everything that you need to know about God has already been revealed through the Bible, which alone has the answers to the most important questions in life. For this reason, having a thorough study of the Bible is an essential step in your growth as a Christian. Read the Bible regularly, and deeply understand the messages that God wants you to keep in mind. Doing so will not only increase your knowledge of God, but it will also turn you into a more obedient and responsible Christian.

Make it a habit to pray every day

Prayer is the greatest privilege of being able to communicate with God. When you pray, you are allowing God to know more about you. At the same time, praying also allows you to recognize how loving and merciful God is. Everything that you ask for in prayer, God gives it to you. He always hears you, and He provides you with everything that you need (even those that you have not asked from Him yet). Essentially, praying is a great way to become closer to God. So, make it a habit to pray every day. As you pray, remember to praise God for who He is and for what He has done for you.

Gather with other Christians for fellowship

Setting aside some time to gather with other Christians for fellowship is part of the Christian life. As part of the Christian community, it is important that you connect with your fellow Christians. Worshipping God in community is a great way to show Him how enormous and extensive His faithful community is. As you and your fellow Christians gather for worship (e.g. on Sunday, the Lord’s Day), you are all being blessed in return as God uses your time together to move you closer to Him and to one another.

Always practice goodness

To grow as a Christian, you need to practice goodness all the time. To practice goodness, you should first know what God considers as ‘good’. In general, everything that is true, right, and pure is good. When you do the right things for the right reasons, you are essentially practicing goodness. Goodness should also come in the way you interact with other people. God ultimately instructs you to be kind and to love everyone, including your enemies. Whenever confronted with a challenge to your faith, just remember this golden rule: “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” (Luke 6:31).

Ultimately, growing as a Christian is a lifelong process that does not require so much from you – just your time, commitment, faith, and love for God. To grow as a Christian, you must be willing to commit yourself completely to God. The goal of your Christian growth is to move you closer and closer to Him. The steps of growth as a Christian by Marianna Albritton particularly emphasize that this lifelong journey begins with understanding and responding to His callings. Once you have done all of these, you will begin to realize that the only way to feel genuine fulfillment in this world is to become a Christian who constantly grows.

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