Simple Ways to Show God that You Love Him

Building a close relationship with God is a two-way street – aside from God, you need to make an effort to reach out to Him and show your love for Him. This is one of the most important pieces of advice by Marianna Albritton on steps to build a relationship with God. In order to develop a close, deepened, and strong relationship with God, you need to respond to His calling. This includes allowing yourself to be an instrument of God’s love, willingly giving yourself in service and in the constant pursuit of living for His name.

Showing your love for God can be done in simple ways. God does not require you to be grand in your act of love and faithfulness. The only thing that He asks from you is the sincerity and pureness of your heart. You need to manifest your love for Him not for the mere reason that you want Him to shower you with blessings and save you from sin, but because you just love Him with your most honest, sincerest, and purest intentions. To help you in your journey toward developing a close relationship with God and becoming an instrument of His love, below are some of the simple ways to show God that you love Him.

Always glorify and gratify Him

God has given so many blessings in life. He has given you a shelter to dwell in, some food to fill in your stomach, a family to help you in times of difficulty, and an entire life to live. All of these are enough reasons to be thankful to Him. Showing gratitude to God for everything that He has done in your life is one of the best ways to show your love for Him as well. Owing all of your blessings to God is a way of showing that you recognize the central and vital role that He plays in your life – not only as your god, but also as your comforter, provider, and redeemer. So, always take the time to praise, glorify, and gratify Him.

Spend more time with Him

Life is busy. You may have a lot of things to do and plenty of concerns to attend to, but this does not mean that you should totally neglect your faith and spiritual responsibility. If you want to let God know that you truly love Him, you need to carve some time out of your busy schedule to spend more time with Him. Dedicate a few minutes of your day to praying and talking to Him. Every weekend, find some time to attend a mass or a worship service. Regardless of what you do, you should never be too busy, as to forget about God. A love that is real and sincere always remembers.

Share His message to other people

By becoming an instrument of God’s love, you are also allowing yourself to become a bearer of His message. This message serves as the ultimate revelation of God’s plan and purpose not just for you, but for the entire universe. By sharing this message to other people who are yet to know God, you are also manifesting your love for Him. Love is not greedy, it shares. When you share God and His message with others, you are also sharing the love that you have for him with others. So, with every opportunity that comes your way, let other people know about how great the love of God is. Never be afraid or hesitant to speak up and share His word.

Become an extension of His hands by helping others

Another simple, yet one of the best, way to show your love for God is through service. This does not necessarily mean donating a bulk of money, but rather offering a helping hand to anyone who needs it anytime. God Himself is a helpful god. He provides people with everything that they need even when they have not asked for it yet. In difficult times, God is also always present. He never leaves anyone behind. He walks with everyone through every challenge in life. As an instrument of God’s love, you should also do the same thing. Be of service to the people around you whenever you can. Never hesitate to extend your hands to others who are in need of help and kindness. If you make it a point to help others, God will certainly notice.

In summary, there are plenty of simple ways to show your love for God. God certainly appreciates each and every little thing that you do for Him. All of your efforts to climb closer to God are recognized by Him no matter how big or small they are. Other than being loving and forgiving, God is also an appreciative god. To develop a close relationship with Him, the first and most important thing that you only need to do is to develop a sincere, pure, and kind heart. As advised by Marianna Albritton on steps to build a relationship with God, responding to His calling with the sincerest and purest intentions is the primary step toward establishing a loving relationship with Him.

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