4 Signs You are Being Called by God

God wants to have a relationship with everyone. He wants to be the number one comforter, protector, and provider of all people. When you feel sad, scared, or angered, God wants you to run to Him first for comfort. God wants to protect you from those that can lead you far from Him. He wants to provide you with everything that you need to thrive and survive. All of these are reasons why God might be calling out to you and trying to get your attention.

Sometimes, however, people tend to turn their heads away from the callings of God. It is either because they forget that God is always there for them or they just simply do not understand what a calling from God means. Marianna Albritton tries as much as possible to address this problem in her life-changing book, Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God. This book aims to help people understand the callings of God and develop a great relationship with Him. It is essentially a book for those who are feeling a strong internal hunger deep within them.

If you are one of those people who are currently hungry to know and respond to God’s callings, then this article might be a help to you. Below are some signs that you are indeed being called by God Himself.

You feel constantly uneasy

Having no sense of peace inside can be a sign that God is calling you. Feeling constantly uneasy is not something that you should just sweep under the rag, as it often has a deeper cause or meaning. If you ever feel like something is off or if you feel like peace is becoming more and more elusive, then it may well be a sign that God is trying to get your attention. He might want you to change your life and take a different direction – one that takes you closer to Him. If you are currently having frequent moments of uneasiness in your life, do not fret. Instead, listen to God and trust Him. He is not trying to bother you, but rather to give you clarity.

You are being pushed out of your comfort zone

Everyone has his or her comfort zone. It is where one feels the safest and most comfortable in. For this reason, it is common for people to want to stay in their comfort zones for a long time. Generally, however, there will always come a point in life when people need to step out of their comfort zones to facilitate growth and transformation. Sometimes, being pushed out of your comfort zone can also be a sign of a calling from God. God knows what is best for you. He only wants you to grow constantly and reach your fullest potentials. When you feel as if something is trying to push you out of the box where you have confined yourself in, do not push back. Instead, open yourself to the possibility of a better life – one that is closer to God.

You have a heightened spiritual sensitivity

Having a heightened spiritual sensitivity is one of the most obvious signs that you are being called by God. In essence, spiritual sensitivity refers to your capacity not just to analyze your own condition, but to discern spiritually the needs of others. When you have a heightened spiritual sensitivity, the things that you usually do like listening to a song or watching a movie tend to have a deeper impact on you. You tend to recognize deeper meanings in simple activities and in your relationships with other people. You become more spiritually knowledgeable and wiser than you were before. When you are experiencing all of these things, it is certainly a sign that God is calling you to take your spiritual walk seriously.

You feel an intense internal hunger for God

Most importantly, you will know that God is calling you when you feel it inside. That intense internal hunger that you feel deep within you is a calling from God who is trying to get your attention and is making you come closer to Him. Once you start feeling as if your life is already withering away from such hunger, that is the time when you need to pay close attention and respond to a calling from God. As Marianna Albritton has put it in Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God, “[He] is the only way to satisfy the deep hunger in the soul.”

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